Saturday, November 16, 2019

Importance of College Essay Example for Free

Importance of College Essay When I think of my college search, I think of a lot of stress and a lot of time. It was a very stressful time in my life and put a lot of pressure on me to get into a good school. Education is the most important part of one’s life. Not everyone goes to college right after high school, and college is not intended for everyone. For example, some people decide to work right after high school rather than go straight into college. College is quite expensive, and some may even say it is hard. However, college is not a bad thing. It has many good qualities. For instance, college is a time where students can venture out and meet new people. I knew without a college degree I would probably be going nowhere in my life. So, I decided to go to college. There were many reasons backing my decision to go to college: I wanted to make a better life for myself. I waneted to find a job where I would not be living paycheck to paycheck, like my parents have had to. I wanted to encounter things that I never realized could even exist, and to take classes taught by passionate instructors. But most of all, I wanted to prove that I could be successful. I did not do the whole high school experience thing at all. During my four years in high school, I was antisocial, and spent most of my time at home. But now that I am in college, I can experience so many things that I skipped out in in high school. It was a huge dream of mine to have friends, to be social, and to really be a teenager (or a young adult). I am hoping by being in college, I will be able to experience that. Being at such a young age, I literally hold my future in my own two hands, just as my other peers do. What I decided to do now with my life is what will affect my future, my familys future, and the outcome of my life. Without a good head start on life, I dont see any possible way for me to truly succeed. This can be compared to how one would construct a building. If you build a foundation out of sand and sticks, and try to build a skyscraper, the entire structure will topple. But, if you start with a solid foundation, such as cement, you can build a mighty tower. In the same sense, should I make something of myself while I am young, I will be able to continuously flourish throughout my lifetime. If I am able to do that, then I will have succeeded in my own eyes. After high school, many people do not consider going to college. But not going to college was not an option for me. My parents never went to college, and watching them struggle to make ends meet was awful. I just knew that I did not want to be in their situation.. Therefore, I do not want to live my life, paycheck to paycheck, and worrying about whether or not I am going to have enough money to pay to keep a roof over my head. The reason for going to college is that I wanted to have a better life. Not everyone can go to college to better themselves, but I am lucky, and truly blessed that I am getting a opportunity to better myself. In fact, college is extremely important to me. I am the first one in my immediate family to go to college so it is a big deal to everyone that I not just go, but to also graduate. Being in college, and getting a degree in whatever my heart desires, will open up so many doors for me. It would help me get a job that I not only like, but one that I look forward to going to everyday, and one that will make me feel like I am actually accomplishing something with my life. College is going to be a great thing for me, not just because it says â€Å"Oh look at me, I went to college†, but because I am doing something to make myself become a better person. My dream for my life in the next ten years is simple; to be happy and successful. I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to be successful in their life, but I don’t need to be making tons of money to be happy. I want to be happy with my job/career, and be able to support my family and I. My family had a big part in my choice of going to this school in particular. I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted to do with my life or what kind of job I wanted. That was my major reason for coming to college; to figure out my life for the future. I would want my peers and teacher to remember me how I am today. I like to believe I am a nice, outgoing, and very open person. Someone you could come to for help and be able to talk to, or someone to make you laugh when you need a laugh. I was raised to treat everybody with respect and kindness, and I want to be remembered in that way. For people who have already finished high school, one of the choices they will have to make is whether to continue to higher education, which means going to college, or to start working and planning their life right away. Different people will have different choices of their own, but for me, I think there are a couple of reasons why I should attend college. I decided to go to college to get a bachelor’s degree in restaraunt management. A college degree will make me more competitive in the job market, and give me a better opportunity to receive a higher paying job. In order to maintain and promote your position at a company, you must have the knowledge and experiences that come from attending college. A person with a bachelor’s degree will earn, on average, almost twice as much as workers with a high school diploma. People with a master’s degree can earn up to $31,900 more per year than a high school graduate. And those who attend a two year college are able to earn up to $250,000 more than someone who does not. Going to college not only helps me better my life, but it also gives me a wider range of job opportunites. In todays society, more and more jobs are requiring that you have more than just a high school education. Attending college will help me gain skills that I will use in the workplace. In the past, workers were required to do very simple tasks which didnt require complicated skills. but, a`s time passed, these kinds of simple tasks have been replaced by machines. Therefore, large corporations and even small  companies want a person who is capable of completing somewhat more sophisticated jobs, the skills for which can be obtained from a college education. Also, taking college courses in English will help me improve my reading and writing skills, which are essential for any job. So, college is the best place to increase my knowledge and skills before I move on to the real world. College is important to me. I am the 1st one in my immediate family to go to college so it’s a big deal to everyone. So far, I love college, it has been a great thing for me, and I know in the end, it will really pay off, and turn me into someone that I want to be.

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