Sunday, November 3, 2019

How I robbed myself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How I robbed myself - Essay Example I had been exposed to drugs and my addiction grew to such an extent that it forced me into rehabilitation, which destroyed my life and self-respect and has forced me to start my life all over again.. When I look back upon those years when I had taken to drugs, it makes me wonder with utmost surprise and despair in the way in which I prefer to go along a wrong path in spite of having knowledge that these substances are harmful for the body and are addictive. Given these premises, I have quite often been trying to discover the root causes that have encouraged me to take to drugs. One of the most primary aspects that determine whether a person is vulnerable to drug abuse is his/her friends’ circle. This is because the nature of his/her friends explains the degree to which they are closest to witness people using drugs and see the aftermath. Secondly, it also depends on the person’s inner strength and resolve to stay away from these ill effects of life. A person takes to drugs either when he finds the sensation under drugs to be calming and enjoyable and in many cases people are pushed into it whenever they are encouraged by their friends to do so. This has always proved to have an adverse effect not only on the person, bit also on their families and friends. At a personal level, drugs have destroyed me mentally, emotionally and financially as well. They have turned me into something that I wasn’t before and it makes me very sad when some of the people around me keep referring to those times even though I have come out of it. It makes me realize the seriousness of my mistake and I now understand the degree to which drugs tarnish one’s image. Drugs provide an illusory sense of well being, where the person is reduced merely to an object, but destroy them internally by silently attacking their metabolism. Apart from this, drugs also create such an effect within the person’s body that

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